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5 11 2013

Yogatrekking upgraded 29 november 13


Enjoy the slide show on home page: 6 pics


Eric Lon, 63 years old, French physiotherapist

and yogi globe trekker welcomes you in France,


in Sahara, in Himalaya, and in Thailand.


Look at the slide show " Best of Sahara " and you will

understand how you can travel and trek with yoga ...

Visit also other yoga treks ... Thailand Tan Island


Welcome, Namaste, Bon Voyage

There are 30 new treks and sets done by Eric Lon in Spiti.

Look to the first slide show in Spiti : trekking around Lossar

Eric Lon is sharing his skills, teaching massage, yoga : Massage by a physiotherapist

Yoga + Trekking = Yogatrekking

Eric Lon is the creator of the concept of yogatrekking.

Eric Lon is teaching Himalayan yoga, to get a better acclimatizing, and foot massage, as well as the French physiotherapy "Methode Mezieres" adapted to trekking.

700 Yoga photos from Eric Lon : " Different Yogas "

Eric Lon is also the President of an association to fight through yoga

and trekking against addictions : smoking and drinking alcohol.

His “yoga treks” are tailor made for the non smokers, but they are also

open to the trekkers who want to stop smoking during a guided trek.

The "yogatrekking"combines the benefits of yoga and trekking.


Yoga and trekking in France, Provence

Eric Lon is President of Yogatrekking, a French registered association

proposing yoga and trekking, mainly in the National Park des calanques, close to

Marseille, and around Toulon, during the week ends school year.

Flickr set, 2600 photos : " Randonner en Provence "

Eric Lon Yoga and Massage Fees

In France, the usual fees for one hour of physiotherapy by hands are: 50 Euros.

For teaching yoga during the treks Eric Lon charges :

200 Euros per day for a single trekkeur,

100 Euros per person for 2 people,

75 Euros per person for 3 people,

50 Euros per person for 4 pax.

The prices all included are on the page "Destinations "

  • The trekkers’ Golden Age

  • Eric Lon, sixty three years old, is proposing to the trekkers above fifty years old
  • to organise some treks especially for them.


Yoga and trekking in the Himalayas

Nepal : Langtang and Shivapuri : April 2014

Ladakh and Spiti in July August 2014